Savannah Says.

Written words for you (and me).

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it’s never enough I eat into a hole of ever-elusive comfort fullness that makes me sick shame and guilt and weakening of spirit compound on top of the ice cream sundae chips and dip subs and pasta and fast food crap my face puffs and minerals drain I wonder why I self sabotage this drawsContinue reading “Enough”


I brought 40 dresses and no socks to impress you Jumbled and swollen out of place and wilted Trying to renew, trying to impress you Birds sing out my hotel window This spring day has brought fog and traffic sounds as well Life is never linear Nor love, I am told The bus rattles outsideContinue reading “Forgot”

Love and War

I’m in love with you as bombs drop children explode oligarchs laugh My heart beats strongly for you as mothers cradle newborns in underground concrete bunkers I think about you, you haunt my dreams as young men bravely battle against tanks and terror I want you in the morning in the evening at night, byContinue reading “Love and War”

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