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We were in a pool and my pillowy body felt welcome and accepting in your arms We kissed and hugged and groped and tugged (I did other things to you too) A deep acceptance and a trying-this-on And then you left to have some pie with another in a booth, just you two and IContinue reading “fool”

Pretty. sure.

Probably. not. You’ve seemed to soften a bit over the past few weeks. Which is good. We’re back to a little Small Talk. chit chat. Personal anecdotes are acceptable again. The leaves are falling as the sun hits them on their way down. Shining in their death fall. There is beauty and grace in thingsContinue reading “Pretty. sure.”

Dirt road

The thing is I love you. I love you, it’s true. I cried this morning when I spoke with you. Tears formed because I couldn’t handle you. Your words shook me to my core. Reassurance, stability, good nature, introspection… that’s what I’m searching for. I’ve found it you; my heart is blue. Never shall ourContinue reading “Dirt road”

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