Savannah Says.

Written words for you (and me).

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Morning light

“I only want the morning light,” she thinks, groggily, in transitional slumber she slowly creaks down the hard-wood stairs, the handrail cold and smooth to her touch “I only want the morning light” she repeats, the world, from her living room window, a covered blanket of grey This morning, no tropical birds fly through emerald…


Time has rolled by this summer like a dull, loud, clunking train slow on the fat tracks, burdened by its carry My body has suffered because of my emotions I’ve stuffed them down like a heavy chain cascading down from its crane landing ungracefully with a clamorous boom twisting in a punishing snake of iron…


I loved him The idea of him The way he moved through space, his mind How he considered things Deliberately, kindly, with reason and distance and perspective I saw him for his sweet soul His kind, warm, cavernous eyes They pulled me in while I tried to look away I saw them glancing at me,…

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