Savannah Says.

Written words for you (and me).

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I loved him The idea of him The way he moved through space, his mind How he considered things Deliberately, kindly, with reason and distance and perspective I saw him for his sweet soul His kind, warm, cavernous eyes They pulled me in while I tried to look away I saw them glancing at me,Continue reading “Adieu”

Two fingers

I asked for a Macallan 20 year old Scotch You told me the 10 was really good And poured me two fingers in an etched glass I had just been hiking Trekking Climbing mountains Over and through the hills All night long An epic journey that took me 8 hours my first go But wentContinue reading “Two fingers”


I left you on the mountain You couldn’t come with me You didn’t want to come So I left you Again and again and again And I’ll leave you still A thousand million times As I climb away from you And what cannot be I’ll race away from you Swim dive crawl A million milesContinue reading “Mountain”

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