Dirt road

The thing is

I love you.

I love you, it’s true.

I cried this morning when I spoke with you.

Tears formed because I couldn’t handle you.

Your words shook me to my core. Reassurance, stability, good nature, introspection…

that’s what I’m searching for.

I’ve found it you; my heart is blue.

Never shall our lips meet, never shall our limbs lock.

Soft caresses, sweet nothings, deep feelings, silly smiles

Grand hikes, world travels, bills and budgets, hotels and homes.

Gardens and eggs and wine and chocolate.

Lettuce and hot sauce and enchiladas and sizzling bacon.

Hot stove, cold, sweating glass of ice water.

My heart leaps over and over in disillusion and reality of you

Lemonade and swings, dirt and baths.

These things go together, like country songs and old dirt roads.

Like you and me,

in some far off place,

never to be.

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