The cursor flashes

I’m not sure which way my words will go

will they flow out of me and spring to life the root of my pain

or will they cause me sorrow as they reflect back more of the same?

Will my words rescue me from the abyss of sky

white grey and strong

a million miles long

empty tall ghostly trees sway back and forth

winter’s barren song

I’m at a crossroads of a million paths

the dimensions of life, like layers in a room full of mirrors

splintered, which image to trust?

illusions multiply as far as my eye can see

My hands are wrinkled, an aging shell of me

I want to run

break through the horizon

to a time long ago

is it possible though?

If I could go back to anytime in my life, where would I go?

the echo in the mirrored room is playing my show

I would go back to the dinner table on Siesta Key

and try to save my parent’s marriage.

Palm fronds sway in the sticky Siesta night,

the jasmine is fragrant along the silent street.

Crickets chirp, alive with humid sounds,

Memories are here to keep me safe and sound.

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