About Me

Oh, hello. Bonjour. Guten Morgen, dear reader. Good morning. (Or maybe it’s nighttime where you are now?)

As the story goes, I am a writer since birth, who seldom writes. Well, In spurts I do, in my head, as I lie on the pillow, or awake in the early morning with coffee. Those head lines are brilliant, and perfect, and right. But they mostly don’t make it to paper (or keypad).

As such, this blog is here to change that. Enough with the “head lines”. Let them see light!

God said, over and over again… “Write, my sweet, just write.” And true to form, I buried this calling consistently, and labeled it a problem of application. Avoidance scripts ran through my head often, such as “I don’t know how to blog, and what I would call it anyways?”, or “I’m hungry, I could use a nap, social media is pinging, work is buzzing, and that never-ending pile of dishes makes it impossible for me to concentrate.”

Quelling my calling is blatant disrespect to my soul, and only serves to hang around regardless, merely maneuvering around my avoidance again and again in distracting forms: short stacks of blueberry pancakes (with butter and maple syrup, of course); copious glasses of wine; social media surfing; binge runs with Netflix, and manic bursts of energy in the form of kitchen singing or living room dancing (perhaps my favorite form of distraction). And lest I not forget to mention the ever-effective procrastinators’ number one tool: the omnipresent “To Do” list… at once so effectual, and yet so intangible as to ever truly accomplish.

So, here I am with this blog, standing up and bidding au revoir to all of that nonsense.

In closing, a nod to myself is due now, a ole tip of the cap to me, for finally showing up and putting “it” out there (whatever that may be)…

Thank you for joining me here. I wish for you the same uncovering of your calling.