We were in a pool

and my pillowy body felt welcome and accepting in your arms

We kissed and hugged and groped and tugged

(I did other things to you too)

A deep acceptance and a trying-this-on

And then you left

to have some pie with another

in a booth, just you two

and I waited and waited

and then went to look

and you both were gone

The rest of the dream

was spent with me trying to find you

Suddenly, there was a flea market of sorts / marathon type bazaar (bizarre)

booth with trinkets, people lining up to race, all at once, all together

(so easy and seamless in dreams)

and I started to jog to impress you

I passed you in your well-dressed suit

you were speaking on the phone

you liked speaking on the phone

you were not into me

you avoided me

you let me know

and my heart hurts…

I ate candy, drank wine

played music and wept

hard reality and distance of heart and mind setting in

I am a fool.

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